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Who We Are

We’re Stocknet Institute and we are a financial technology firm who create inventive tech solutions for retail traders. Our goal is to make traders’ lives easier by providing a range of immersive virtual products that assist in the development of their trading, whilst lowering the risk they may encounter through more typical retail trading methods and live trading accounts.

It is not a secret that most retail traders lose and that many make large financial commitments that do not justify their trading skill level. We aim to put an end to this. Our products give traders an insight into what it takes to be a top level trader before they commit their capital to the live markets. For this reason, we provide scalable trading solutions where users can earn rewards for showcasing their trading progress throughout their journey with us. Alongside this, we centralise the retail trading experience in one place by providing all the tools needed to become successful, such as a marketplace, charting, economic updates, journaling, robots and learning.

Our History
  1. 2020: We gathered data and feedback from thousands of retail traders which nudged towards the industry approaching a tipping point. Retail traders were not succeeding whilst technology was making trading more accessible than ever. A real conundrum, right? Our research concluded that traders were becoming the victims of opaque marketing techniques that were prompting them to jump into live trading prematurely.
  2. 2021: We began to devise a plan to make trading accessible at a lower entry cost, whilst hammering home the disciplines of risk management and sustainability. These plans were to offer traders alternative options to what was available on the market. At this time, we moved into our HQ in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom and started building a capable team to achieve our plans.
  3. 2022: We launched our first program called Evolution. It has since become a recognisable program worldwide through its 20,000+ participants. We expanded our community to every corner of the globe. Our joint endeavours with our users helped forge a diverse community of trading-mad individuals and solidified our position as a trusted firm in our space.
  4. 2023: We got to work on building a completely new platform that would change the trajectory of the industry. We conducted hundreds of UX interviews with users and stakeholders, prompting a shift in strategic direction. Later that year, we finally launched the first version of our new platform. Alongside it came a fresh approach in an archaic industry.
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