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An authentic proprietary trading service centred on sustainability, transparency and collaboration.

Our Story & Vision

We opened our doors in March 2021 as an independent trading floor, with a team dedicated to delivering ROI for private investment portfolios. The team is made up of independent analysts who focus on managing exposure, diversifying risk and investing across a range of locations, markets and asset classes.

We had an objective to create an authentic proprietary service centred on sustainability, transparency and collaboration. A service where there is no conflict of interest between prop firm and trader, forging a system whereby traders are rewarded with what they make from the markets and not what another trader has lost. Our interests are entirely aligned with that of our traders and we guarantee to never profit from failure. A real shift was needed in an industry of haziness – and that is why we were born.

We believe that we have created the best instant funding programs in the industry. Programs that are rewarding, fair and sustainable, whilst being completely free of conflicts. We will continuously and wholeheartedly purvey value to all traders.

Nicholas Hall, Director

Trader Friendly Funding

We launched our first funding program – now called Evolution – in March 2022, after one year of planning. Our goal was to make prop trading accessible to all, facilitating a wide variety of styles and systems. This vision is encapsulated in our instant, restriction free funding model – allowing traders to manage funded accounts within as little as 24 hours. We do not require challenges or evaluations and believe trading is not about gambling, but sustainable and organic growth.

From inception we have been proud to highlight that our program is free of conflicts. We believe we are, unfortunately, an exception in this regard. This approach rejects the need for poor risk management and emotional trading associated with passing unrealistic evaluations in short periods of time. Freely combine our capital with your strategy and grow at an organic pace in laid back, unpressurised conditions.

On September 12th, we expanded our services to offer the Quickstart program. An industry first in many regards, we took the same ‘trade free’ approach which traders loved from our Evolution program and opened the door to larger sums of capital at more convenient pricing. The idea was to offer an common ‘evaluation’ styled account, without the need for any challenges. This creation has revolutionised the prop trading industry, making challenge and verification processes a thing of the past. We have opened the industry up to a wider variety of trading styles, whilst removing the emotion associated time limits and the need to pass tests.

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What is Stocknet Institute?

We are a proprietary trading firm based in the UK who fund talented traders, globally. A key part of our objective is to make prop trading accessible to all traders, irrespective of their demographic, trading system or economic background. We believe that all skilled traders should be given the best platform, tech and opportunity to succeed and advance their trading careers. For this reason, we have devised a two programs which enable traders to access instant funding with no challenges, no verifications and no confusing rules. Funding takes the form of instantly funded demo accounts on either MT4 or MT5 platform supplied by Blueberry Markets, with subsequent rewards based on a proportion of the profit generated on the account, known as profit split.

How serious is Stocknet Institute?

We are certainly serious. We have been operating in the industry since 2021 across a range of disciplines including training and proprietary funding. We have issued millions in funding to traders from every continent in the world. Thus, we always let those with first hand experience of our services do the talking in regards to questions of authenticity. You can browse through our reviews on Trustpilot to see why we are rated an Excellent 5-star rated company.

What is the company’s mission?

Our mission is very trader-oriented. You are our primary focus. We curate ways in which we can provide the best technology and newest opportunities for global traders who are undercapitalised. We aim to be the first place traders look when wishing to advance their trading careers. This includes offering traders the most seamless, beneficial and accessible funding experience whilst creating a solid trader-prop firm relationship based on loyalty and trust. Our goal is never to sacrifice the quality of our service for the sake of market share, we would rather be the best than the biggest. These objectives are instilled in all departments of the company and apparent in the exceptional support we aim to offer at all times.

Where is the company based?

We are perfectly situated in the United Kingdom. Our headquarters are held in the metropolitan city of Newcastle upon Tyne. You can find our HQ at the address: Stocknet FX Limited, Ground Floor, J33 The Avenues, Tyne and Wear, NE10NJ, UK. Please feel free to write to us or arrange a visit where necessary.

Who is behind the company?

The company was founded by Nicholas Hall and Aaron Robert Wright. Our founders are responsible for the direction, strategy and management of the company. The company is then organised through specialist departments which ensure the most optimal and efficient trader experience. On the front end we have our Payouts, Accounts and Support teams. We also have back end teams responsible for our technology and business operations.

Do you comply with regulations?

Our compliance team monitors evolving regulatory requirements under FSMA and the Regulated Activities Order. Because Stocknet Institute utilises demo accounts it does not engage in regulated activities such as would require it to obtain the authorisation of the FCA. If you have any questions regarding compliance, please email direct questions to